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Whether you require installation and construction of a new drainage system or you require repairs to an existing drainage system, you can rely on us. Hixson Sand & Gravel Inc is a small company who is proudly catering to both the smaller operations and the big commercial enterprises. Let us deal with your residential and commercial drain problems.

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  • Driveway culvert products

  • Septic system supplies

  • Plastic septic tanks

  • Schedule 35 and 40 pipe and fittings

  • Waterline for IPS and CTS

  • Waterline pipe fittings

  • Hydrants and drainage tile

Complete drainage care services for you:

With over 50 years of experience, you can expect responsive, trustworthy and reliable services to clear your blockage when you reach out to us. Get timely assistance from our licensed team to make sure your home is free from the dangers of raw sewage. Hixson Sand & Gravel Inc carries different types of tile fittings and is more than happy to deliver them to your property with a single phone call!

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