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Are you looking to improve your garden? Topsoil is nutrient-dense and can give your

plants and trees the nutrition they need to grow their best and resist any kind of disease.

Help your landscape reach its full potential by getting the topsoil you need in whatever quantity you require! With our 50 years of experience we can surely enhance the health and look of

your garden.

Help your plants grow better with quality topsoil

Hixson Sand & Gravel Inc

is a family-owned business delivering quality landscaping materials to the Garrett area for over

50 years.

  • Topsoil

  • Fill dirt

  • Screened topsoil                              


Rely on us for all your top soil needs:

Let us help you in making your landscaping project convenient and simple. Get your landscaping stone delivered and installed by us at your property to your desired specifications. Turn your dream designs to reality since we carry many varieties of stone options to choose from. Get our expert team's advice in case you're not able to make appropriate choices for your home.

Prepare your site today with a wide selection of landscaping stone!

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